Creative WorkShops

From time to time StudioASOT conducts workshops to enhance the creative portfolio of every student & participants in various areas of creative Skills. These workshops complement the main Training Programs and increases their quality & portfolio of work. These Workshops give their participants an edge over the regular design professional, makes them a holistic designer and their careers gain maximum traction and better work opportunities.


Previous Workshops

The ends from past determine the future of start!

Calligraphy and Typography Workshop

The visual art of writing, the composition of art into words and learning about arrangements of a legible reading!

We are here with our 3 hour creative workshop event in tune with art and design enthusiasts. The workshop is mentored by Vidisha, an expert in the art of Calligraphy. She has been associated with many brand names like Happily Unmarried, Ustraa; she has also been a part of the Packaging team for Nestle, Pepsi co, Bikano and others. She has a keen interest of passion with words and nurtures them to beautiful artworks with her tactical understanding of Typography.

Come meet her and us at our art base, Studio ASOT.

This is a free event!

Brand and Graphics Design Workshop

A Learn-the-Basic Branding workshop at our Studio ASOT, aimed at instilling a creative branding mindset in all the young business professionals, entrepreneurs and designers. It was led by discussions on branding strategies and upcoming future business trends. The very crux of this workshop was themed around consumer motivation, the identity design is a technique that pursues the interest of the consumer. The very first step of branding and an important one too. This workshop was a success starter of the very idea of Branding today!


Portfolio Development Workshop

As replicated, this workshop was dedicated to the soul of a designer- The Portfolio. The very importance of having a creative portfolio is the reason that there is a driving competition in the portfolio presentation. Making a portfolio is an art today, the more minimalist and personalised your portfolio is, more is your popularity stake. Well that is how it works!

Shutter and Aperture

A creative photography event that encompassed understanding of basic photography by professionals, conducted at our Studio ASOT in Suncity, Gurgaon. The major highlight of the event was a theoretical understanding of taking a picture- the perspective and unique aesthetic that each individual possesses is his/her one-of-a-kind photography detail. The workshop was oriented towards garnering a very innate version of perspective photography. The event was attended by many photography enthusiasts, after discussion there was an on ground practical photography session.