Logos have a history as long as the written language since the pictorial representation of words has been going on since times immemorial. The trends of logos keep changing keeping in view the demands of the era it is in and also the industry requirements.

Earlier, logos and brand names had a metaphorical description which didn’t explain their meaning too directly, for instance, Apple is a tech company but does not have any tech symbol in its logo. Then came an era which directly referred to the products or services they were selling; Home Center, for instance, has a direct representation. Now times have changed and brands have started keeping abstract names like Samsung, or fabricated names joining two words.

Then there is this category of brands which is direct in their naming. They follow the law of simplicity. Simplicity is a mark of fine designing not only for logos or brand names but for any communication be it any design or any other work environment.

A simple logo makes a brand successful in the following ways:

  1. Simple and clear: Simplicity is in trend always. A simple and minimalistic approach makes it clear and easy to understand.
  2. Brand Recall value: Simple logos are easily recognizable. Simple logos create an indelible mark on the minds of people creating a strong recall value.
  3. Easy communication: What makes it more sensible is that a simple logo simplifies your brand, easily communicates a strong message vis-a-vis multiple messages from a single logo confuses a consumer.
  4. Cost Effective: Everybody wants money to be saved. A simple logo is also cost-effective and simplifies printing cost.
  5. Sub-branding: Simple logos are easily transferable. It makes sub-branding easier; also a sub-identity of a brand is easily created.

There are various ways to simplify a logo. Keeping in mind these points, a logo can be made simple:

  • Colour: Using maximum up-to 3 colours simplifies a logo.
  • Font: Single font family can be used while designing a logo.
  • Effects: To make a logo simpler, avoid outlining the logo. Stay away from the gradient, shadows, and 3D effects- screen printing of gradient is not cost effective.

Why The current trend for monochrome logos?

In the case of monochrome logos, only a single colour is used as the word ‘mono’ itself means one. They are very very cost effective since a single color is used. Printing cost is cut down by huge margins. Brand color easily recognized since there is only one colour. If it is a different or unique color palette, it leaves an effective mark and a strong recall value. A logo should be proportionately designed to make its application simple and powerful.

Logos are a very important aspect of creating a brand identity. They differentiate one brand from another. Hope this information helped! To have more knowledge about logo designing, connect with us at https://studioasot.in/

Image Source: https://www.logogenie.net/