Lately, we have come across a lot of people who were confused between the actual meaning of a logo and a brand. Many of them considered them the same. Even design agencies had confusions regarding it.

But let us tell you they are not the same.

They work cohesively to create a brand identity. It is not a question of brand VS a logo. A quick explanation goes as follows:

What is a brand?

A brand is a way of segregating your products from other products of your competitors. In former times, a mark of identification was put on livestock to distinguish them from other animals. Likewise, in today’s scenario, a brand acts as a mark of identification.

What is a logo on the other hand?

A logo is a sign or a symbol which is a tool of differentiating a brand. It is the first step of having a brand visually recognizable. It is a starting point of the visual representation of a brand or its positioning. A logo should be such that creates a strong brand recall value.

A logo is not comparable to a brand. It itself is an inevitable part and an element essential to a brand. A brand must have a logo to have a brand identity created. A well-designed logo along with brand strategy effectively and efficiently reaches the audiences.