Logos have a history as long as the written language since pictorial representation of words has been going on since times immemorial. The trends of logos keep changing keeping in view the demands of the era it is in and also the industry requirements.

Here are some little known facts about some famous logos you didn’t know about:

  1. APPLE

Apple is a multinational technology company whose logo is deigner by its graphic designer Rob Janoff. The interesting fact is that the apple logo is bit from a corner and has a relevance of Bible in it.

In bible, Adam and Eve are tempted to taste an apple, by Satan, from the tree of knowledge. Like snow white, they also have a bite and experience their first taste of knowledge. It represents the fall of man on earth. The apple symbol symbolizes knowledge.

Image Source: https://www.freepik.com/


Since its inception, the Starbucks logo has undergone many transformations and has evolved as a brand. Tracing its history various stepping stones would be as follows:

  • The first version: Designed in 1971, the logo comprised of “siren” or twin-tailed mermaid with her double fishtail and navel visible. 3 words – coffee, tea, and spices were mentioned on a coffee brown palette of the logo depicting what Starbucks actually sells.
  • The second version: The second version came in 1987 in which the bare-bodied mermaid had flowing hair but navel and fishtails removed. The words tea and spices were also removed giving prime focus to Starbucks coffee. The logo became green form brown showing freshness and growth of Starbucks across various places.
  • The current version: The third transformation took place in 1992 which had a clean close up view of the mermaid. Then another version came in 2011 which is the final one and gained popularity. It has a green color palette with a siren on it. The words which it had earlier have been deleted. Now, this logo is visible on any street marking the growth in its popularity all this while.

Image Source: https://thedesigninspiration.com/


Hidesign is a leather goods manufacturer whose logo has two hidden meaning. In one perspective it can be read as ‘high design’ which means high-end designing. In other perspective, it can be viewed as a cumulation of ‘hide and design’ – hide meaning leather. Since it is a leather goods manufacturer, designing of hides seems relevant. This logo has one more reading perspective which combines two words again – ‘hide and sign’.

Image Source: https://hidesign.com/


Back in 1950s, Indian women started using foreign cosmetic brands which affected the Indian economy. Lakme was introduced back then as a home grown beauty brand.

Now, Lakme is an Indian cosmetic brand owned by Hindustan Unilever limited which is named after a French opera – Lakme due to a specific reason.

The reason for choosing this particular French opera was because Lakme sounds very similar to Lakshmi – the Indian goddess of wealth and the epitome of beauty.

Lakshmi cosmetics would have sounded very ‘desi’, so Lakme was chosen as it targeted foreigners and upper middle class women who splurged on expensive foreign brands.

Image Source: https://getvectorlogo.com/lakme-vector-logo-svg/


Gucci is an Italian luxury brand of leather goods and accessories. The logo is Gucci is very artistically designed symbolizing grandeur and authenticity. The lesser known and interesting fact is that in the logo two Gs are interlocked in a way which somehow portrayed the sexual position 69.

Image Source: https://ebaqdesign.com/

These logos are very smarty and artistically designed by graphic designers using various softwares. These form a crucial part of the brand identity giving popularity and visibility to the brand. To have more insights into the talent and art of logo designing, graphic designing and creative branding, visit https://studioasot.in/creative-branding-capsule-program/