If you are a designer or an enthusiast, I am just about to whooosh your mind away!

Did you know that some great Hollywood classic names were aligned with graphic design in their early years. These people were real good at what they did, it was just not a passing helluvah for them! There are exhibition listings, jobs, studios and the entire graphic culture involved with the early years of these famous celebrities.

We have brought up 8 big names (names that have become legends!) for your motivational benefit.


Alan Rickman

Severus Snape, Hans Gruber, yes! It is after all the immense creativity that Rickman already was imbibed with that he played so well and so unique in so many different iconic characters. Alan Rickman went to Chelsea School of Art and Design for his graduation, he further pursued his postgraduate at Royal College of Arts. He also worked in the famous student journal Ark in 1969 and 1970. Thereafter in his RCA years, he founded his own design agency Graphiti.

He folded it up after getting into Royal College of Dramatic Arts and then we received the gem that can never be taken away from the world!


David Bowie

David Bowie had a small engagement with graphic design in his early years. The God of Rock Music studied in Bromley College of Art in 1960s, he specialized in Layout and Typesetting. He did not take design as his profession later but.

Bowie’s image in Art School got drafted alternately when he was punched by a boy in a fight over a girl. This left his left eye pupil dilated for all times which made him look a bit alien.


Chuck D

Public Enemy, who hasn’t heard of public enemy in the world of music? Public Enemy always had a strong visual identity, that makes you think somebody in the founding member’s had some design knowledge? Before recording their famous albums like ‘Fear of a Black Planet’- Chuck D studied graphic design at New York;s Adelphi University.

He got kicked out of his college (as he quotes it) because he partied too much. Well!

Image Source: Fact Magazine


Andy Serkis

Gollum, anybody? The most creative persona of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Series was a graphic designer in reality, did you know that? Andy Serkis, Caesar in Dawn of the Planet of Apes. He studied Visual Arts at Lancaster University. He plumped in for theater studies later so he could design posters for the production.

He then started acting in productions and found his immense epiphany in life. And that is how kids we got our Gollum!


Pete Townshend

“The Who”, exactly! Townshend has surpassed the modes of talent- Guitarist and Songwriter was known by all in his little explorations of childhood and youth.

He studied Graphic Design at Ealing College of Art, he openly admits that this background helps him to understand the nuances of controlled marketing and branding. The around-about helped Townshend develop his style of noise and feedback. His trademark comes from the base of design early in his life!


Freddie Mercury

Queen with his immense talent and visual appeal graduated from Ealing College of Art in Graphic Design alongside Pete Townshend and Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones’ guitarist). One of his most popular merchandise was Queen’s iconic crest which was used in many covers later.

He also studied at Isleworth Polytechnic. Queen’s Merchandise is sworn by till this day!

Image Source: Fine Art America

Jemima Kirke

Jemima is widely known as Jessa Johansson from Girls, a television series. She began her creative career as an artist of many sorts. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2008 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.

The immensely talented British-born New Yorker primarly produces portraits and in 2011 held an exhibition titled A Brief History through Skylight Projects.