This is the year of wild and crazy imagination. Prepare yourself for a ride back in retro, a peek in the future and dismantling of the present. There is no limit to your creativity and there are certain steps that will enhance your thinking process. Find the best trends in graphic design for 2019 here,


The ‘Glitch’ Effect

Glitch was considered as a corruption of the picture a few years ago. But now something that annoyed the spectator has become an immense part of the design industry today. The blend is similar to the horror movie genre wherein you disrupt the image and turn half or 1/4th of it into a different speck fro usual. Glitch is definitely going to take up 2019 graphic design industry by rage.

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The ‘Ruined’ Effect

The art of destroying finally has a good place in the industry! The ruined effect is basically taking away the perfection of the picture. Chaos and messy are the integral terms in close association with the Ruined Effect. Scraping, Scratching, Ripping Off, Overt coloring are all methods of achieving this effect that is definitely going to be big this year!

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The ‘Double’ Year- Exposure, Duo-tone, Light

The liquor effect is on, double exposure is a very much accepted ordeal in the design industry since last year. Then there is a hybrid between exposure and duo-tone called double duo-tone. Doubling the image in monochrome makes the perspective large and varied for the spectator. Double color light or double color shadow is an emerging trend in the industry. You place two light shadows of different hue tone and play with the outline of it. Double is the new ideation in design!

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Channeling Hues

Distorted Reality is the new mayhem. Nobody wants to see what they can blandly see, a design should be subject wise but elaborate. That is the first call behind this trend. A holograph perhaps or a hallucination is the push behind the idea, usage of different and contrasting color tones help build the character of the image bland process.


Chaotic and Real Life Typography

Alignment is a distant past now. 2017 was the year of chaos and this year would be big in chaotic typography. Chaos in design comes from various design elements, howsoever chaotic typography is all about the unaligned mess. Also letters turned into real life object will be a huge hit this year. Letters prop will be in huge demand in graphic design, the trend is here!


Metallic Elements

Metallic is the new yay yay in Graphic Design Industry. It is generally mixed with graphic design hot trends like 3D composition and creative typography. Metallic hue inclusion is a new spot in itself and would remain big in the year 2019! Especially metallic fonts would be on a terrific rise.

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Negative Space

Negative Space is the positive trend that grapples the onlooker. Negative Space is that creates an illusion of outline in an empty space. Negative Space was a huge hit in 2018 and it will continue to retain this in 2019 as well. The negative space techniques in Graphic Design Industry creates a positive impact on the onlooker.

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