The Syllabus

The Creative Branding Caprsule covers all the major areas of graphic design like branding & identity design, print design, packaging design and the basics of web-graphics covered in crisp & intensive modules.

History & Foundation of Design

Learn what factors influence the evolution of design. With a broad definition, the contexts of design history include social, cultural, economic, political, and technical influencers across history and learn about the creative industry and its expanse into Architecture, fashion, crafts, interiors, textiles, graphic design, industrial design and product design industry. This module is delivered through the following topics:

+ Major Design Movements

+ Scope & Avenues of the Graphic Design Industry

+ Key definitions of the Industry

+ Typical Creative Profiles of The Industry

+ Iconic Personalities who influenced the Design Industry

+ Understanding Of Graphic Design in the Indian Context

Elements & Principles of Design

These are the building blocks of design and at SOGD, we focus on developing creative thinking ability and application of the design Process & methodology. Elements & principles of design module forms the basis of that very design process, which helps the students and participants to come up with original art and creative work and inculcate a deeper understanding of design. This module is delivered through the following topics:

+ Case Studies from the World of Design to understand EOD application.

+ Learn About Lines, Shapes, Forms

+ The Colour Theory and its application

+ Principles of Design

+ Gestalt’s Law

+ Exploration session with EOD


Typography & Infographics

Typefaces and fonts play a very important role in the field of Visual Communication and Design. When a designer learns to work in synergy with them & put them in the right content, along with symbols, graphics and shapes, delivery of meaningful communication and unique designs becomes easier. The module is delivered through following topics:

+ The Grammar of Typography

+ Case Studies Famous of Font Designers And Their Work

+ Evolution of Fonts

+ How to use fonts to create graphic artworks

+ Infographics (symbols & iconography)

Identity Design

Be it building new brand identities or giving an existing brand a brand makeover, the knowledge of Brand Identity Design is the most important aspect of communication design. Further to develop a unique and impactful language of visual communication for brands, is also very critical to brand’s recall value. Here we learn the Following:

+ Logo Design & Brand Architecture

+ Elements Of Brand Identity & Corporate Stationary

+ Brand Book Development with all necessary Brand Guidelines

+ Packaging Design

+ Space & Ambient Branding


Marketing & Advertising Design

This part of design is also called commercial Art. The art of crafting the right messages, through the right mediums, to reach the right market is what summarises the advertising & marketing module at the School of Graphic Design.

+ Basics of Brand Marketing & Advertising

+ Case Studies of Brilliant Campaigns from all over the world.

+ Brand Analysis of Existing Brands

+ Print Advertising

+ Outdoor & Ambient Advertising


Digital Graphics & UI Design

A good digital presence is a must for every brand today and a sound design of which is critical. User Interface Design is an ever evolving field of design, and as the technology advances, designers must upgrade themselves to be at the top of their game. Keeping that very fact in mind SOGD has developed a special program in UI/UX Design, which gives a thorough knowledge of digital design and graphics.

+ Website Design

+ Responsive Designing

+ Emailers & Landing Page Design

+ Microsite Design

+ Digital Banner

+ Know how of Designing for E commerce.