Short-Term Program In Basic Photography

Photography is the art that freezes a moment in all its beauty, and this workshop makes sure our participants’ capture the most. Our program is meticulously designed by experts so as to cover the foundations of photography as an art, making it ideal for both beginners looking to start or professionals looking to reconnect with the foundations of their craft. Learn how to handle a digital SLR Camera, practice photography with our trainers on subjects covering all genres, get into the technicalities of lighting and other settings, right from basic to deep learning. Take your passion of photography to professional level with this comprehensive workshop.


What do you learn here ?


Our Basic Course on Photography entails a heedful system of module making. The course comprises of 12 modules. Each module is a fervent allocation of a strong basic understanding that enhances qualitative thinking. Following are the modules:

Introduction to Photography

Understanding Ambient Light

A guide to your manual settings

Basic Techniques for Photography

Macro Photography

Fashion Photography in Ambient Light

Understanding Artificial Light 1

Portrait Photography in Studio Light 2

Product Photography in Studio

Fashion Photography in Studio

Digitally editing your Photographs

Portfolio Development

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