Summer Program in Basic Photography

A 2-week photography workshop designed by experts to develop a creative approach to capture images with impact. Take your passion to a professional level with this comprehensive workshop!

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Why Join This Photography Program?


This is a summer creative photography program that encompasses an understanding of basic photography by professionals, conducted at StudioASOT in Suncity, Gurgaon. The major highlights of the event are a theoretical and practical understanding of taking a picture- the perspective and unique aesthetics that each individual possesses in one’s one-of-a-kind photography detail. The workshop is oriented towards garnering a very innate version of perspective photography.


Who Can Do This Program?


This course is ideal for people who are creative geniuses who have photography as a hobby but do not have time to commit to a full-time course can join this summer program. Students and beginners who are looking to start photography can be benefitted by this program by learning the fundamentals of photography as an art. This summer program can help professionals who have a passion to click and capture reconnect with the foundations of their crafts. The course is appropriate both for owners of DSLR cameras wishing to improve their photography skills and for those who want to continue shooting professionally.


What do you learn here ?


Our Basic Course on Photography entails a heedful system of module making. The course comprises of 12 modules. Each module is a fervent allocation of a strong basic understanding that enhances qualitative thinking. Following are the modules:

Introduction To Photography

+ History of photography
+ The most common areas of photography
+ Knowing your camera
+ What you should know about digital photography
+ Developing an eye for details

Practical 1: street photography using a phone

Understanding Ambient Light

+ Light, Reflection & Shadow
+ Hard light, soft light, and diffused light
+ Light angles and their shadow impact

Practical 2: Ambient light product photography

A Guide To Your Manual Settings

+ Basics of shutter and aperture.
+ Getting the right exposure
+ Setting aperture, Altering the shutter speed
+ Understanding ISO
+ How aperture, shutter speed, and ISO work together

Practical 3: Ambient light close up and portraits

Basic Techniques for photography

+ Understanding of frames, composition
+ Rule of thirds
+ Lines, curves, and shapes in your photographs
+ Understanding background & foreground

Practical 4: Ambient light architectures and

Macro photography

+ Exploring the depth of field
+ Macro subjects
+ Capturing moving objects

Practical 5: ambient light l flowers, insects etc

Nature Photography in Ambient light

+ Understanding the camera handing for nature
+ Understanding of impromptu photography.

Practical 6: A photo walk with our expert to Sultanpur bird sanctuary or Deer Park.


Digitally editing your photographs

+ What you can do with photo editing software
+ Understanding DPI and resolution
+ Red-eye, Cloning, How to use layers, layer mask

Practical 11: Photo editing for 5 photographs

Portfolio Development

+ A portfolio session common with the graphic design
+ Batch to help create a WordPress website showcasing
& sharing the work.

Practical 12: WordPress Website development

Who Are Our Mentors?

Manisha Pritilaya

Manisha Pritilaya

A brand communications design Specialist, who has been working in the space of brand identity and creative communications for the past 10 years, after having graduated from NIFT, New Delhi. Manisha has worked with various prestigious advertising and design agencies earning a diverse experience in the area of communication design, before venturing on her own.

Jasleen Kaur

Jasleen Kaur

A Textile Design alumnus from NIFT, New Delhi, Jasleen has a decade of experience with international and national organizations including the Ministry of Textiles, India. Jasleen has many Design Awards to her name. Her keen interest in teaching has taken her to places and has enabled her to curate workshops and sessions for Design and Creative Thinking for institutes like NIFT.

Dr. Robin Panjikar

Dr. Robin Panjikar

Dr. Robin is a Ph.D. in environmental biology and has explored the diversity of the Western Ghats Global Biodiversity Hotspot. He currently holds the reputed post of Assistant Professor in Sri Venkateshwara College in Delhi University. He is an ecologist, herpetologist as well as a conservationist with a keen interest in photography.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Program

Do you take photography workshops for beginners?

Our photography workshops are meticulously designed by experts so as to cover the foundations of photography as an art, making it ideal for both beginners and professionals looking to connect with the foundations of the art of photography.

Classes are held for all levels of students at StudioASOT. This summer program does not include any restrictions for people to join. Beginners who are willing to enter this domain are welcome, as well as professionals who wish to reconnect with the foundation of their crafts.


What is the duration of this summer photography program?

This summer photography program revolves around creating a foundation for basic photography. This summer program in photography is a very comprehensive photography course, aimed for beginners as well as professionals.

The course is for a duration of 2 weeks in which classes will be held on weekdays. Classes for this photography course will be held during the summer vacations of students in the month of June. The exact dates of this foundation program in photography will be announced very shortly.


What is the fee structure of the short term course in photography?

The summer program in basic photography is a 2-week creative workshop for photography. It is a comprehensive program where you will learn how to handle a digital SLR Camera, practice photography with our trainers on subjects covering all genres, get into the technicalities of lighting and other settings, right from basic to deep learning.

The fee structure for this course program is 15000 INR for the whole workshop. It is a one-time payment. The payment needs to be paid before starting the back to back classes. The best part is that there is no registration fee to enroll. First 15 applicants get a discount of 3000 INR.


What is the timing of the classes held for photography?

The comfort of our students is the prime priority that is why we chose vacation time for this photography course. This is a 2-week program which will be held on weekdays. The timing of this course will be 12 pm to 5 pm throughout the course.

When and where would the photography classes take place?

This is a summer program which will be held in the month of June. Classes will be held back to back for 2 weeks. The classes for this photography workshop will be held in the studio itself. The address of the studio is as follows:

Studio ASOT- F 134, Suncity, Sector 54, Gurugram, Haryana 122003

Studio ASOT is located in the metropolitan city of Gurugram. It is well connected to public transport via bus, e-rickshaw, auto-rickshaw and Delhi metro. It is 1.5 km away from the rapid metro station- Sector 54 Chowk.

For any queries, you can also contact us at +919599595154 or 0124 484 2534.

How far in advance do I need to book my seat for this summer program?

This is a summer program in photography which will be held in the month of June. Students can enroll offline as well as online. Seats will be booked on a first come first serve basis. You will need to confirm your registration at least one week in advance for all the arrangements to be made accordingly.

However, if you somehow miss out on the registration, you do not have to worry. You always welcome to give us a call to check if there is any availability. Our trainers are well equipped to help you in all circumstances.

What are the ways to enroll in this photography course?

We have two options for registration in our summer program in photography.

Offline registration: For offline registration, you can directly visit our design studio anytime. You will have to fill a registration form and the rest of the procedure is explained then and there.

Online registration: for online registration, you can visit the link of our course on the website and register yourself. Our staff will confirm your registration via email or a phone call or you can give us a call at +919599595154 or 0124 484 2534.

Terms & Conditions


All enrollees must read and accept these conditions at registration. The following information will provide you with details of our commitment to you and your responsibilities as an enrolled candidate. All enrollees must read and accept these Terms & Conditions at the time of enrollment.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, from time to time in our sole discretion. We will notify you of amendments to these terms and conditions by posting them to this website. The terms and conditions for online programs can also be found in this document.

1. Fees:
– The Course is payable as one-time payment.
– The fee is non refundable, once a student has been enrolled.
– StudioASOT may discontinue training if fees are not paid as required.
– The Certificate of Completion will not be issued until all payments have been made in full.

2. Students will obey the rules and regulations set by the management in the premises of StudioASOT.

3. Students will not be allowed to move around in the premises before or after the class duration without permission.

4. During class time no visitor would be allowed.

5. The management reserves the right to reject or accept the application.

6. In case of loss of property of the institute the student would pay the losses equal to the value of damaged property.

7. Students failing to adhere to these rules shall be struck off the record with full loss of fee paid.

8. The Institute reserves the right to publish the names and photographs of the students/alumni in any marketing and promotional material for the institute.

9. Any work produced during the course module by students, may be used as institute’s portfolio and can be published any marketing and promotional material for the institute.

10. However, StudioASOT promises complete support and assistance to its students in their portfolio building, and finding industry internships and placements, but it does not guarantee internships or placements to its students.

11. StudioASOT will support students during their study with training and assessment materials that are easily understood and suitable to the level of the workplace skills being delivered. We will also provide tutors throughout the course who can answer questions and help through the Schoolyard support forum.

12. Students are expected to-
– To responsible for your own learning and development by participating actively and positively and by ensuring that you maintain progress with learning modules.
– To monitor your own progress by ensuring that assessments are submitted in a timely manner. To utilize facilities and The Graphic Design School publications with respect and to honour our copyrights and prevent our publication from being distributed to unauthorised persons.
– To respect other students and StudioASOT staff right to privacy and confidentiality. To be honest and respectful, this includes not falsifying work or information and not communicating in any way that may cause offence to others or StudioASOT.

13. Since the Summer Program In Basic Photography is just a training program developed to impart knowledge about basic photography, therefore the student at StudioASOT are expected to arrange for the necessary hardware and software on their own.


14. The following list encapsulated the necessary hardware and software to undertake the course successfully.
– Photography & Videography Workshops require having access to an SLR camera: analogue or digital.
– A Computer PC or Mac is fine, the course runs on any operating system.
– Graphics softwares, therefore your own copy of the Adobe Creative Suite Standard edition (which may change or update time to time) Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat Pro purchased by students themselves.
– Connection to Internet is also required.

For Any Queries, Write To Our Student Counselor And Fix A Meeting!