Ever wonder how do really good designers manage to set those iconic brands up for a wild success with a bunch of stunning graphics? Well, aside from a strong creative drive, passion and all the talent in the world, the makings of a great graphic designer consist of some bonus design riches at their disposal.

So let’s crack this case open!



Creative quotient is obviously a first!

Cultivating a special skillset mirrored by a good sense of creativity is imperative for business in the ever-evolving creative industry. Aside from the know how about countless new graphic tools , devices and smart apps to make it all happen, for a graphic designer to make big today in the digital world, one needs to consistently develop a certain originality in their work. Because in the end, what can’t sophisticated bots and AI do that human designers can? They can’t compete with the element of human creative and emotional quotient which ultimately brings a ton of originality to design.


Always remember Consumer Trends > Creative Trends.  Always!

Along with an all-time creative hat on, a good designer keeps updated with the latest consumer trends to spark thought provoking and innovative ideas to utilize in a design process. Being in constant touch with the recent consumer behavior trends and habits makes it easy for brands to hit a high. Creative trends come and go for the love of design, but consumer trends actually carry most of the market’s weight.


Up to date with the latest tea in Design

So, it’s pretty obvious for a designer to always be latest advancements in technology and newer tools of design. And it’s important to not live under a rock and always be up about with the hottest creative softwares in design. And usually it just comes naturally with the passion and a designer’s dedicated love for design. So just keep loving what you do.


Strong Communication Skills to Sell it all

The ultimate test of an incredible design is when you take it forward – in application and execution of design in production. And to justify, sell and negotiate your work with the client, you need good communication skills to be able to present your design with the same commitment and dedication that it’s created it with. Because creating an impelling story for a brand is one thing, charming the client with the brief is a whole new ball game.


Open to New Possibilities in Design

Talented design scholars throughout the history of design have always flouted conventions, in the light of a larger revelation – there are multiple creative approaches to take on in design. A progressive curious mind and an openness to design can expose you to a whole new world of possibilities in design.