We Are Beautiful

Every year StudioASOT takes the initiative of celebrating Womanhood by showcasing the power and strength of a woman and breaking all stereotypes that reside in today’s world. Woman, the beginning and end to entire humanity, is a strong and powerful word, yet taken very lightly by the society.

Women are untapped reservoirs of talent who are beautiful in the light of their own wisdom. The perks of womanhood are explicit and unambiguous; however, they require a medium to be showcased in the society. Let us commemorate the beauty and charm that dwells within a woman.

Stylized Model Maids


We are back with our initiative with great pride where we put forth the beauty and struggles of being a woman and celebrate their success stories. This Mother’s Day StudioASOT will break the stereotypes faced by domestic help at our homes and talk about their life quests.

An exhibition will be organized by us featuring model maids in branded attires. Watch out for a professionally stylized photoshoot of our mother maids as models at our studio. Let us talk about their life struggles and support them in their battle against stereotypes and prejudices.






Bold Achiever Women


We are beautiful is an event centered on women and their glory. Last year on Women’s Day i.e. March 8, 2018, we celebrated the success stories of achiever women. The event was highly appreciated and received an overwhelming response of all the lovely ladies and gentlemen all around social media.

A professionally stylized photoshoot was done at the studio showcasing their bold and fearless character in their lives. Experiences, achievements and life struggles of women were discussed which inspired all of us. The spirit of womanhood along with courage was highlighted in the event making it a grand success on Women’s Day.