Plastic Ka Ped is a concept which traces its origin back in 2011. It is an initiative by StudioASOT to spread awareness amongst the youth of today’s generation. It is back with a wave of new crafts. It is yet another opportunity for you to contribute to an environmental cause.

Plastic Ka Ped 2019

Earth Day Special


Earth Day is a reminder for all of us that we must do more to bring a change! This time demonstrate your support for environmental protection this Earth Day in collaboration with StudioASOT. You can come up with your old useless stuff and learn their creative use by creative transformations. This workshop surrounds the idea of creating a change in the spirit of Reuse, Recycle and Recreate.

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Plastic Ka Ped 2018

Earth Day Special


Plastic Ka Ped for the second time was even more triumphant. It was conducted on Earth Day i.e. April 22, 2018.  It was about creating an aura of change in the spirit of REuse, REcycle and REcreate. Kartikeya Kapri from Play with Shadows had been benevolent in being our official art supplies sponsor!
We had amazing people from different backgrounds working towards nature and recycling to share anecdotes and inspire us to do more for our surroundings. Ritika Sinha from Glosolar discussed on the solar energy generation; Rahul Khera talked upon garbage and waste disposal techniques- he is known for his innovations in waste recycling and disposable proficiency. We were joined by Preeti Gupta from Aranya Earthcraft with a session on Papier Mache, Ananda Anaam shall be discussing at lengths about Food Meditation. We had Vidisha Singhal again to share the intricate art of Calligraphy and Rohan Barwal discussed Paper Origami with everyone! The Drummers of Gurugram and Delhi thumped our grounds with the aura of music and joy! The people adamant to bring about change joined us and shared their tales of initiatives to motivate our initiation. A graffiti painting session around the walls of Suncity was in our trail too. There were workshops, art affairs and indoor exhibitions lined up along with an amazing drumming evening!
-The Art of Recycle and Art in Recycle
-Mini Indoor Recycle Art Exhibition
-Workshops on Origami, Garment Upcycle, Calligraphy and others
-Discussions of various initiatives of the recycle approach
-Drum Evening

Children Doing Origami with Mentor Rohan.

Participants Making Creative Artworks

A Session Conducted By Creative Experts

Plastic Ka Ped 2017

Diwali Special


The workshop of Plastic Ka Ped – 2017 was held on Diwali i.e. October 19, 2017. It was a green art and design workshop turning trash into art. It was an effort of all the participants towards creating environmental awareness through an artistic approach. It turned out to be a vibrant success comprising of exuberant colors of all forms of art. A glimpse of the workshop can be witnessed here!

Participants With Their Upcycled Artworks.

Creative Enthusiasts On Their Work.

Beautiful Artistic Skills Of Participants.



Keeping in mind the upcycle theme of Plastic Ka Ped, StudioASOT conducted a campaign in which beautiful recycled bags were created using the donated saris, bed sheets, and curtains.

Around 800 recycled bags were made out of cotton and silk saris, old cloths, bed sheets as well as curtains. These bags were given to local shopkeepers to replace the plastic bags they use. People who wanted these bags collected them for free.