Phul on is a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary cultures. Based in Patiala, Phul On is an established brand name which diverges into two sub-categories – Phul On Cinema being the film theater and Phul On Gabru being the café that serves the youth with their delicacies. Phul On aims to cater a large audience base with their products and services.

StudioASOT has been endeavoring to assist Phul On in core-branding of both the sub-groups. Starting from the basics of providing the name to designing the logo, our design team has been helpful. Space design of the Phul On cinema was incorporated including wall graphics, posters and much more.

Keeping in mind the brand aesthetics and restaurant décor, visual merchandise and food packaging was developed for Phul On Gabru Café. Besides this, our team has also been making creative visuals and artworks for communication on social media. Getting inspired from the brand aesthetics of Phul On, we have been keeping the brand identity intact with the efforts of our diligent team members.