Momo King

Presenting the Malaysian brand headquartered in Kuala Lampur, who aims to bring the taste of authentic Nepali momos to the country. Unlike options currently available in the market, these momo are made entirely out of authentic recipes. For their release in India, the communication framework had to start from scratch.

The logo colors green and brown reflect the spirit of nature. As Momo King interprets age-old traditional cuisine in a modern way, our colors reflect the fusion of tradition and modernity. Together they effectively communicate an overall friendly appeal of the brand.



Keeping with the logo in consideration the restaurants décor and aesthetic are of warm woodsy hues. It also gives a rich Asian heritage type of feeling.Pulling inspiration from the word itself, we derived the identity. We worked closely with the installation and fabrication team to develop the visual merchandise and packaging. We have also created the uniform design along with the menu and all restaurant related collaterals holding the elements from the identity together. Apart from this we have also been strongly involved in art directing for communication for their social media handles.