Green Markets, Clean Societies is a cluster of small educational initiatives with a big altruistic goal of environment protection. With our small green initiative, StudioASOT aims to make a sustainable vision amongst youngsters. With a passion in our hearts and creative ideas in our minds, the team of StudioASOT is committed to a cleaner and greener way of life.


This initiative contains a bunch of ideas to move towards a greener society.

– We create our own recycled bags and distribute to a lot of people for free to replace plastic from our surroundings.
– A plant donation drive is yet another idea in which our efficient team members donate plants to spread greenery all over.
– Waste segregation talk also comes under this initiative in which awareness of management and segregation of waste is done.
– Installation of dustbins is also done from place to place by our team members to curb the unethical dumping of waste all over the city.