A Capella, from the House of Passion F&B, is a multi-cuisine restaurant offering a fun and groovy space where the bar & kitchen work in unison. Creating an exuberant and effervescent experience for the guests, it includes diverse food and dishes from across the globe.

Under the stewardship of its Founder – Bhupender Nath, Passion F&B, Dubai was established in 2014 and has successfully grounded a place for itself in the Middle Eastern hospitality offering high-octane experiences to its guests.

We have been holding hands with this brand since its inception. StudioASOT was accredited with creating the whole brand identity of A Capella. From suggesting the name of the brand to designing the entire website for social handling, our team left no stone unturned. After a deep study of the foundation of the brand, the logo of A Capella was designed.

Country-wise main menu as well as bar menu was created by our designers. Many of other restaurant essentials were designed by our team like leaflet, bill-holder, cutlery-holder, coasters and stationary items including business cards, letter head, carry bags and feedback forms.