A Short-term Portfolio Program for Design Students & Creative Career Aspirants.

What Do we Learn In this Program?


The creative portfolio development program is a culmination of all aspects of a design portfolio. Divided in six major modules which is covered in 12/24 weeks, the curriculum touches upon area which are both integral and innovative to the design process.

History & Foundation of Design

Learn what factors influence the evolution of design. With a broad definition, the contexts of design history include social, cultural, economic, political, and technical influencers across history and learn about the creative industry and its expanse into Architecture, fashion, crafts, interiors, textiles, graphic design, industrial design and product design industry. This module is delivered through the following topics:

+ Major Design Movements

+ Typical Creative Profiles of The Industry

+ Iconic Personalities who influenced the Design Industry

+ Understanding Of Design in the Indian Context

Visual & Representation Techniques

The Visual representation tools and skills are integral to any design process and development.  We work individually with the participants to instil the overall fundamentals of the visual understanding and specially work on the areas which are the strongest aspect of the individual. These techniques form the basis of not only the hand rendered skills but also help students in the understanding of digital graphics.


+ Line Drawing  & Perspective

+ Understanding of Forms

+ Sketching & Drawing – Still Life & Landscape

+ Colour Rendering – Water Colour, Soft Pastels, Ink, Charcoal, Acrylics




Material Studies & Innovation

Creative Industry is as tangible as virtual. For a creative professional it is important to understand the material aspect of design and interact with various medium to come up with strong and sound design concepts. In our program, we emphasise of both interaction and innovation with material, guided by the professionals who are experts of their domains.

+ Paper, Plastic & Thermocol

+ Clay Modelling & POP

+ Leather & Fabric

+  Origami

+  Recycling & Up-cycling

+  Printing & Production Techniques



Digital Graphics & Techniques

A good digital know-how & an impressive digital portfolio is a must for every creative professional today. Digital Design is an ever evolving field of design, and as the technology advances, designers must upgrade themselves to be at the top of their game. Keeping that very fact in mind ASOT has dedicated a digital module into the program.

+ Basics Creative Softwares

+ Basics of Creative Content Writing

+ Digital Infographics

+ Digital Banner & Emailer

+ WordPress Portfolio Design




Elements & Principles of Design

These are the building blocks of design and therefore we focus on developing creative thinking ability and application of the design Process & methodology. Elements & principles of design module forms the basis of that very design process, which helps the students and participants to come up with original art and creative work and inculcate a deeper understanding of design. This module is delivered through the following topics:

+ Case Studies from the World of Design to understand EOD application.

+ Learn About Lines, Shapes, Forms

+ The Colour Theory and its application

+ Principles of Design

+ Gestalt’s Law


Design Methodology & Process

Design Process & Methodology sits at the core of the creative & design industry. It is that core that defines the complete outward manifestation of a designer or creative professional and that which adds meaning to the portfolio and the industry itself. Hence the portfolio program at ASOT emphasises on this aspect a lot.


+ Design Philosophies & Definitions

+ The Different Kinds of Design Processes

+ The Stages of Design Cycle

+ The Design Industry & its Expanse

+ The Final Design Project



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