A Short-Term Training Program in Creative Brand Communication Design for Professionals, Job Seekers & Entrepreneurs!  

When it is a question of brand building, creative thinking, application of design methodology and innovation takes centre stage, across industries, be you a professional in a job or an entrepreneur. Creative Branding Capsule, is a training program towards developing a creative design mindset and instillation of a perspective driven design thinking abilities in professionals & entrepreneurs, so that they can build iconic brands and develop effective brand communication designs to grow it further. It is an innovative & an intensive 72-Hours classroom training program that not only trains in creative skills but also boosts the design thinking ability.

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What Do You Learn In This Program?

This Program covers all the major areas of brand communication design like branding & identity design, print design, packaging design and advertising & marketing communications  in very crisp & intensive modules and their sub-modules. These modules, are each dedicated to a major segment of graphic design industry and the sub modules are deliverable oriented.

History & Foundation of Design

Learn what factors influence the evolution of design. With a broad definition, the contexts of design history include social, cultural, economic, political, and technical influencers across history and learn about the creative industry and its expanse into Architecture, fashion, crafts, interiors, textiles, graphic design, industrial design and product design industry. This module is delivered through the following topics:

+ Major Design Movements

+ Scope & Avenues of the Graphic Design Industry

+ Key definitions of the Industry

+ Typical Creative Profiles of The Industry

+ Iconic Personalities who influenced the Design Industry

+ Understanding Of Graphic Design in the Indian Context

Elements & Principles of Design

These are the building blocks of design and therefore we focus on developing creative thinking ability and application of the design Process & methodology. Elements & principles of design module forms the basis of that very design process, which helps the students and participants to come up with original art and creative work and inculcate a deeper understanding of design. This module is delivered through the following topics:

+ Case Studies from the World of Design to understand EOD application.

+ Learn About Lines, Shapes, Forms

+ The Colour Theory and its application

+ Principles of Design

+ Gestalt’s Law

+ Exploration session with EOD


Typography & Infographics

Typefaces and fonts play a very important role in the field of Visual Communication and Design. When a designer learns to work in synergy with them & put them in the right content, along with symbols, graphics and shapes, delivery of meaningful communication and unique designs becomes easier. The module is delivered through following topics:

+ The Grammar of Typography

+ Case Studies Famous of Font Designers And Their Work

+ Evolution of Fonts

+ How to use fonts to create graphic artworks

+ Infographics (symbols & iconography)



Identity & Branding

Be it building new brand identities or giving an existing brand a brand makeover, the knowledge of Brand Identity Design is the most important aspect of communication design. Further to develop a unique and impactful language of visual communication for brands, is also very critical to brand’s recall value. Here we learn the Following:

+ Logo Design & Brand Architecture

+ Elements Of Brand Identity & Corporate Stationary

+ Brand Book Development with all necessary Brand Guidelines

+ Packaging Design

+ Space & Ambient Branding

Marketing Communication Design

This part of design is also called commercial Art. The art of crafting the right messages, through the right mediums, to reach the right market is what summarises the advertising & marketing module in the creative branding capsule.

+ Basics of Brand Marketing & Advertising

+ Case Studies of Brilliant Campaigns from all over the world.

+ Brand Analysis of Existing Brands

+ Print Advertising

+ Outdoor & Ambient Advertising

Digital Design

A good digital presence is a must for every brand today and a sound design of which is critical. User Interface Design is an ever evolving field of design, and as the technology advances, designers must upgrade themselves to be at the top of their game. Keeping that very fact in mind we have developed a special program in UI/UX Design, which gives a thorough knowledge of digital design and graphics.

+ Website Design

+ Responsive Designing

+ Emailers & Landing Page Design

+ Microsite Design

+ Digital Banner

+ Know how of Designing for E commerce.

What makes the Creative Branding Capsule Special?

On The Job Training

As IOCD is a coveted communication design institute, this program gives them an opportunity of working on live projects and on the job training and thereby an edge to begin with.

Portfolio Sessions

This  program provides thoroughly guided portfolio sessions which help its students prepare their online and print portfolios as per the industry Standards which makes them instantly hireable.

Individual Learning Curves

We understand that every individual has a different learning curve and the program has been specially designed to work on individual learning and understanding of the various aspects of the program.

Complementary Creative Workshops

 IOCD conducts a variety of creative workshops every year. For an already enrolled participants of creative branding capsule program, these workshops are open with no extra cost.


Who Are Our Mentors?

Our mentors are experts who come With decades of experience in the creative Industry. They not only have been associated with big national and international brand and creative agencies as thought leaders but also have been teaching and conducting lectures in the leading creative and design institutions, before starting their journeys with us.


Who have benefited by the Program?

Creative Branding Capsule is a unique program, which within a span of 2 years has helped professionals and entrepreneurs from varied industry gain a creative edge.


We learn to talk, do, see, feel and live design at SOGD. They are teaching me something I wouldn’t mind staying up all night and doing. The curriculum is up to date and covers everything you need to kickstart your career in graphic design. Also, the requisite softwares are taught patiently to impatient students like me. Every assignment you do is designed in the real world perspective. So, if you want to be in a place where you want to learn how to create beauty and be encouraged lovingly to do that, give it a shot!


It’s the best place to get a creative education and meet wonderful, like-minded people in Gurgaon. The instructors are industry professionals who encourage design and creativity while guiding us through the processes that we need to succeed in the industry. The growth has been phenomenal.


It is one of the school for creative excellence. If You have a knack of creativity, School of Graphic Design is where you ought to be

Student SOGD

The Creative Branding Program gave me a solid foundation to strike it on my own as an entrepreneur. It taught me how to think about Design. I have thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience.

Fashion Designer

“In my 31+ years of taking my graphic design course, Manisha’s classes consistently come out ranking #1 on my list . A highly relevant material is delivered with enthusiasm, humor, and a high degree of class interaction that is unmatched anywhere.”


I am a small business owner and recently completed Graphic Design course at SOGD. I had joined SOGD so that I could start designing creatives for my venture. While the other institutes focus only on developing competence of the students in the software tools like Illustrator and Photoshop, the main focus of SOGD trainer was in developing the creative streak in the students.

Co-Founder, Orahi.com

Frequently asked questions about Program

What job opportunities are there for graphic designers?

Career in Graphic design totally depends on your interest and how you use your skills in the design field. You can work full time or a freelancer or open up a start-up. People enroll in full time or part time Graphic Design courses to have a career in Graphic Design.

IOCD offers a short term computer graphic design course which is called Creative Branding Capsule which that trains in creative skills and thinking abilities.

However, these are a few jobs that can be obtained after graphic design course:

  • Web Designer
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Photoshop Artist
  • Creative/Art Director
  • Technical writer
  • Video editor
  • Product Designer
  • Creative Marketing Consultant
  • Graphic novelist
  • Design Professor


What is the location of your design studio?

F 134, Suncity, Sector 54, Gurugram, Haryana 122003

IOCD is located in the metropolitan city of Gurugram. It is well connected to public transport via bus, e-rickshaw, auto-rickshaw and Delhi metro. It is 1.5 kms away from the rapid metro station- Sector 54 Chowk.

You can also contact us at +919667797411 or 0124 484 2534.

What is the approach of Creative Branding Capsule?

  • Creative Branding Capsule is a 72 hour short term training course program in creative skills and design thinking for design professional, creative job seekers and entrepreneurs.
  • We at IOCD believe in enhancing the creative ability of students so that they can apply their creative skills in various jobs of practical life.
  • The study pattern is student friendly and divided into modules. These modules are each dedicated to a major segment of graphic design industry and the sub modules are deliverable oriented Creative Branding.
  • We begin our classes from the very basic of design so that beginners can also benefit from this course. The basics include history and foundation of design along with root elements and principles of design.
  • Proceeding further students are taught the deep insights of typography and infographics which are helpful in all the major areas of brand communication design like branding & identity design, logo design, print design and packaging design.
  • Our graphic design course program also includes market communication design and digital design which encapsulates print advertising, outdoor and ambient advertisement, website design, digital banners and more.

What is the duration of the training program?

It is a 72-hour short term training course program. It totally depends on your interest, level of understanding and capabilities to complete the course. However, the minimum duration for this advanced training program is 3 months with a maximum time period of 6 months.

What is the timing of the training course program?

We have a friendly environment suited to students, professional and entrepreneurs who want to make career in Graphic Design. Classes are held on weekends. You can choose your timing according to your convenience. Theory as well as practical classes is taken in morning and evening batches.


Do you have any entrance exam in order to enroll?

No, there is no entrance exam in order to enroll in our Creative Branding Capsule training program. We believe one should not be judged on the basis of one time examination or test. However, we welcome everyone and analyze students’ abilities on the basis of one on one friendly interaction.

What is the monthly fee of this course?

The 6 month design course program has a fee of Rs.24,000 for the complete course. Workshops held in between the course program are absolutely free of cost for students who are enrolled in our Graphic art studies.

Do you take design classes for beginners?

We focus on individual training from the basics of elements of design. We take basic design classes to increase the basic understanding of students.

We deal with the basics of design starting from root elements of design taking our course to a next level which gives deep insights into creative branding, web design, packaging design, logo design, and space design. Our classroom training program not only trains in creative skills but also boost design thinking ability.

Do you provide web design and animation training?

We have a short term comprehensive course offering participants which teaching web designing along with graphic design. We give students a deep insight into the world of UI/UX.

Do you have evening batches for design training?

Evening batches are held post lunch. If you find evening hours comfortable, we have a batch of 3 pm to 6 pm in the evening for this Creative Branding fundamental training.

What software do you teach in the course?

Our course touches the core of Digital Design training. The software taught during the course are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Corel Draw, Indesign.


Do I need to be from creative background to take the Creative branding course program?

You can be from any educational background to take this course. If you have the zeal to work in a creative environment, you are most welcome to enroll in the training program.

If you are from a creative background then it is an add-on point and it will obviously help you in this digital design training.

Do you take additional workshops?

Workshops are being held on monthly basis depending upon students’ interest and visiting faculty. We have experienced professionals who take the workshops. Workshops are absolutely free for the students who enroll in creative branding education and training. Few of the courses on which workshops are taken are:

  • Creative skills
  • Photography
  • Video making
  • Calligraphy
  • Doodling
  • Origami and many more

Do I need a certification to become a full-time graphic designer?

You don’t really require a certification to become graphic designer. Your portfolio and your work is all that matters which has to be shown whenever you pursue a career in graphic design.

We have a creative portfolio development program which is the culmination of all the aspects of design portfolio. If you enroll yourself in our Creative Design course, then you will have a portfolio of your own which can be either a Digital Portfolio or a hard copy of portfolio.

What is the eligibility to take admission in Creative branding?

There are no strict criteria to take admission. People from all walks of society are welcome to join this course. It is meant for students, professionals, as well as entrepreneurs. There is no additional degree required to enroll in the particular course that we offer.

However, the minimum requirement is 15 years of age. Basic understanding of English and Computer skills are required so that one can grasp the study patterns

Do you need to be good at art to take admission in the course?

You don’t need to be amazing at art. Creativity and curiosity is all what is required. You can enroll in our graphic art classes without having any prior degree. This is a creative design course for undergraduates, postgraduates, beginners as well as job seekers.

We deal with the basics of design starting from root elements of design taking our course to a next level which gives deep insights into creative branding, web design, packaging design, logo design, and space design.

What is the scope of internet marketing in India?

Keeping in mind the growth of use of internet in business in recent scenario, career opportunities in Internet Marketing are ever increasing. Digital Marketing Industry is blooming in India offering you massive job opportunities, flexibility and high paid profiles. So training in digital marketing proves to be highly beneficial for you during your hiring process.

Do you provide job assistance after completing the course?

We train our students in such a way that they are themselves capable of getting hired in big organizations or start up their own work. Our creative design course program enhances the design ability of people which assist them in applying the principles of graphic design to practical scenarios and seek jobs.

Our portfolio development program helps the students in building their digital or hard copy of portfolio which is required in hiring process. This course program includes all the aspects of design portfolios. We also follow internal hiring of students in our design studio based upon their interests and capabilities.

What is the admission procedure in Creative Branding Capsule?

We have two options for registration in our short term training course program.

  • Offline registration: For offline registration, you can directly visit our design studio anytime. You will have to fill a registration form and the rest of the procedure is explained then and there.
  • Online registration: for online registration you can visit the link our course on the website and register yourself. Our staff will confirm your registration via email or a phone call or you can give us a call at +919667797411 or 0124 484 2534.


What is the medium of language in your institute?

We provide design training in English as well as Hindi according to the students’ requirements. We have a students’ friendly environment and believe in students’ comfort being the topmost priority.

How many students are there in one batch?

There is a maximum of 10 students in a batch of Creative Branding Capsule. However, number of students in a workshop has no limit. We pay individual attention to all the students since learning of each student is our prime priority.

Do you provide training material?

It is a short term design course which is completed in 72 hours. We take care of individual needs of all the students. Digital study material is provided to all the students as and when required in accordance with the course program.

Do you offer any demo classes to the students?

It is very important to know about the training and study patterns of a course before joining it. Our staff strives to resolve all your queries regarding the course program. You can directly discuss any of the concerns when you apply for the design course.

You can visit our center and take demo class. You can also contact any of our staff members at +919667797411 or 0124 484 2534 for any questions regarding the course.

Terms & Conditions


All enrollees must read and accept these conditions at registration. The following information will provide you with details of our commitment to you and your responsibilities as an enrolled candidate. All enrollees must read and accept these Terms & Conditions at the time of enrollment.
These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, from time to time in our sole discretion. We will notify you of amendments to these terms and conditions by posting them to this website. The terms and conditions for online programs can also be found in this document.

1. Fees:
– The Course is payable as one-time payment.
– The fee is non refundable, once a student has been enrolled.
– IOCD may discontinue training if fees are not paid as required.
– The Certificate of Completion will not be issued until all payments have been made in full.

2. Students will obey the rules and regulations set by the management in the premises of IOCD.

3. Students will not be allowed to move around in the premises before or after the class duration without permission.

4. During class time no visitor would be allowed.

5. The management reserves the right to reject or accept the application.

6. In case of loss of property of the institute the student would pay the losses equal to the value of damaged property.

7. Students failing to adhere to these rules shall be struck off the record with full loss of fee paid.

8. The Institute reserves the right to publish the names and photographs of the students/alumni in any marketing and promotional material for the institute.

9. Any work produced during the course module by students, may be used as institute’s portfolio and can be published any marketing and promotional material for the institute.

10. However, IOCD promises complete support and assistance to its students in their portfolio building, and finding industry internships and placements, but it does not guarantee internships or placements to its students.

11. IOCD will support students during their study with training and assessment materials that are easily understood and suitable to the level of the workplace skills being delivered. We will also provide tutors throughout the course who can answer questions and help through the Schoolyard support forum.

12. Students are expected to-
– To be responsible for your own learning and development by participating actively and positively and by ensuring that you maintain progress with learning modules.
– To monitor your own progress by ensuring that assessments are submitted in a timely manner. To utilize facilities and The Graphic Design School publications with respect and to honour our copyrights and prevent our publication from being distributed to unauthorised persons.
– To respect other students and IOCD staff right to privacy and confidentiality. To be honest and respectful, this includes not falsifying work or information and not communicating in any way that may cause offence to others or IOCD.

13. Since Creative Branding Capsule is just a training program developed to impart knowledge about basic photography, therefore the student at IOCD are expected to arrange for the necessary hardware and software on their own.

14. The following list encapsulated the necessary hardware and software to undertake the course successfully.
– A Computer PC or Mac is fine, the course runs on any operating system.
– Graphics softwares, therefore your own copy of the Adobe Creative Suite Standard edition (which may change or update time to time) Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat Pro purchased by students themselves.
– Connection to Internet is also required.
– Photography & Videography Workshops, if conducted , may require to have access to an SLR camera: analogue or digital.
– Illustration Supplies: Throughout the course you will need to complete design sketches, we ask that students have a small range of lead pencils HB-4B, A4 and A3 sketching pads.
– Printing and Scanning equipment In order to record evidence as part of your design processes you will be required to have access to a scanner and a printer.
– A colour printer is a personal preference, but not necessary for your assessments, Black and White printing is acceptable.

Still have questions? Write to our student counsellor and fix a meeting, here!