While there is an awful lot of segmenting, brainstorming and targeting consumer groups that goes into launching a startup business, it goes way beyond a streamlined blueprint of successful brand building, one impeccable branding strategy at a time. And what are the odds that you will hit the chords right with your new brand narrative?

Creating a strong brand that reeks uniqueness like no other; speaks to people like no other; and well, peaks in customer experience – can be a bit of a challenge. A successful brand essentially feeds on a solid brand personality, clear brand positioning and a sound brand identity that doesn’t blow out in front of its customers with an identity crisis of its own.


So the big question is how?



Well, Good Branding Lies in the Details.


As true as it is that there is a ton of work that goes into a startup launch-carrying out thorough research, identifying target groups, developing branding and marketing strategies, competitor analysis and execution; it gives us all the more reason to nail it perfectly in one go and not leave it to fate or let’s say, shabby groundwork. You never get a second opportunity to launch your startup with a brand new tag, so make sure you measure twice and cut once. Go over every single detail in your business plan and put key focus on what makes your brand unique.



Use Authentic Photography as a Brand Differentiator


Brand Imagery adds a great deal of consistent visual voice to a brand’s distinctive identity across all marketing platforms. Many branding agencies use stock photography to build their creative identities owing to a lack of resources, time and funds. This can shed a negative light on your unique brand image, especially in today’s competitive digital landscape. Although this might work efficiently for a new startup to begin with, it’ll never work one-millionth as good as, if you were to have an authentic brand image to cut through your competitors.



Branding Beyond the Logo


And by now we all know this simple fact- it is not enough for a brand to slap on a logo design and call it a day. It is important to carry out a full-fledged branding exercise to bring about a visual consistency of brand identity to flow through every single channel of your business operations. We’re talking beyond the logo design and heading towards- letterheads, business cards, corporate brochures, marketing collateral, business templates, signage and much more.



Develop Branding Style Guidelines


Developing a brand book consisting of branding style and guidelines can serve as great initial guidance to building your brand narrative early on in the process. Always start by creating a complete brand literature with an adaptable visual narrative at an early stage to help carry the brand’s identity seamlessly through different branches of the company, both physically and virtually. It’s a good idea to develop design insights, guidelines and align major updates with the foundational bedrock of the company, ready in time to gear up for a long journey.



Branding Templates are Important !


Your brand personality automatically takes on a tangible visual voice when applied to more practical areas of day-to-day business operations. Creating custom presentation templates, invoice templates and other stationary materials make a big overall impact on your creative identity as a brand. Putting across the core of your brand’s voice in all the content and promotional materials will weave the brand’s unique character into the ebb and flow of daily business, rendering it a signature mark of authenticity.



Go Professional.


When it comes to handling the complexities of creative branding, marketing and the realm of graphic and communication design, always seek professional help and leave it to the seasoned experts to work their magic. Hire a branding agency or consult an experienced creative director to ensure your brand’s vision comes to life in a way that expresses your brand’s narrative clearly and concisely. It is perhaps, quite a lengthy process that demands time and patience, but will secure your brand’s creative identity in quality, authority and value for all the years to follow.


But also,


Never Hire Two Different Branding Agencies


While it is okay to enlist extra help whenever the need arises, make sure to not clash your cohesive brand expression by hiring two different branding agencies. It is never a good time to mix two different schools of ideas and get yourself a branding nightmare, featuring too many mixed messages in your brand communication strategy.