While we appreciate the incredible horsepower and the plausible creative talent that large corporate agencies house in their Wall Street worth of reputation, they are slowly losing the corporate battle from diversity of discipline, to make way for smaller boutique agencies with a rather specialized discipline to pick up the pace.


Looking beyond the call to large global network agencies, we’re rooting for mid-size modern, but a more dedicated mix of boutique agencies.



And here are 7 reasons why pairing with a roster of small specialized agencies can be your best bet to drive in more business today.



Narrowed down to the Experts



A large ‘full-service’ agency will most certainly sport a cross-functional team drawing on a variety of experience, with a sweatshop of cluttered cubicles working around the clock on a ton of different projects at once. A new research shows that having a broader spectrum of diverse field knowledge doesn’t necessarily translate into having a deeper knowledge of the domain, which can ultimately result in an inferior quality of work.

Splintering the prejudice of big names, mid-size boutique agencies are essentially narrowed down to a team of dedicated professionals who know what they’re doing. So to say, a team of seasoned specialists in a singular discipline is relatively better equipped to provide your brand with the right expertise needed to generate innovative research ideas and help you make your marketing mark in the industry.



More experimental with a Higher Degree of Creativity



Higher Degree of Creativity

As full-service agencies are habitually bloated with layers and layers of infrastructural clashes and a profound lack of inter-sectional communication, they are also less flexible in structure and services. As they often seek to employ the jack-of-all trades approach to fit every shoe, they tend to bend towards a single core discipline, with all other fields running behind and are compromised in terms of specialization and expertise.

While a small or mid-size specialized agency is more dynamic and willing to be more experimental showing a higher degree of creativity, they are also more human to connect with. As it stands for being a small business owner themselves, they will go left, right and center to meet all your business goals, at a swift pace to action. Being managed by an uncluttered organizational structure leaves a small boutique shop with much more wiggle room to exercise a higher level of creativity and building a more innovative approach to your business.



Draws on more Senior-level Attention


As a small scale boutique agency is tightly packed under a simple organizational structure headed directly by the senior-management of the company, you’re sure to draw on more senior-level attention on your projects. Eliminating the need of a ton of exchanges for approvals and change of strategies, it is relatively smooth sailing to establish a direct line of contact with more experienced, senior level management in a mid-size agency for additional command and professional guidance over your business goals, than in a big-size agency.



Focus is on

Brand’s Agenda > Own Corporate Agenda



Focus on Brand’s Agenda

Boutique agencies value your business as they do their own. With their primary focus on fulfilling your business agenda, they eye for opportunities that best suit your brand and prioritize client satisfaction. Whereas many large full-service agencies owe it to a full board of investors, stakeholders and other silent members- a set corporate agenda which is to be pushed alongside your business to fulfill their own financial and corporate goals.



Delivers More in Lower Overhead Cost



With a big name comes a pool of overhead count; since along with their market reputation, brand equity and agency stature in the industry; you’re also paying for the digital creative director’s associate’s associate and a piece of their office area sq ft. When at a boutique shop you would pay much less for matching, if not better access to similar coding resources and research contingencies; the product quality which is potentially identical; and a sea full of dedicated professionals deeply invested in your business goals.



Deeply Invested Workforce



A deeply Invested Workforce

With a dynamic team of seasoned professionals who are easily approachable and more intensely invested in your business, it is fairly easy to establish a special connection with the team. Your brand is down for a more intimate professional treatment at boutique shops that is based off of their passion for work and the teamwork that goes into your project. Your business is valued as vital to their livelihood as much as it is to your own.



A Swift Call to Action


Coming down to a swift change in tactics or adopting new tools for a campaign strategy; large agencies are relatively slow to pull the trigger with a ton of approval requests to consider. You can’t count on the big guys for those decisions to be made in a jiffy, owing to their internal arrangement of exchanges over a single approval. Small boutique agencies are quick to respond and are best suited for a fast-paced call to action in these situations. With more flexible business dynamics at work and a clear line of client deliverable, things get done at a much faster pace in a mid-size agency without your requests laid back on the second fiddle to success.



The Bottom Line is-


While there are a lot of different factors drawing in favor of small mid-size boutique agencies, it is essentially a double-ended sword that can also result in a complete nightmare if you’ve absolutely no idea where to strike first.

It is extremely important to bring about some clarity in your own brand agenda beforehand, and then deciding on your best choices. It is imperative for a brand to develop clear-cut strategies early on in place for an agency of any way, shape or form to work with cohesively to unlock a solid brand expression. Even though many media agencies have an in-house creative team, it is typically most effective if you have a well framed school of thought about the creative route that will best suit your brand’s special needs.