Marvel is the biggest platform as fantasy providers to the world. They create fantasy and put them in material visuals for the entire world to dream at, appreciate and acknowledge with big wide eyes. I am very sure most of you fans must have thought about Stan Lee in numerous stoic moments. Let us find some strategical facts that make these movies what they are- the similar parallels in each movie, similar yet so different reality planes of characters. Let us dive into the nuances of MCU.

Happy happy Colors

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Have you noticed how Marvel excels in portraying a good palette that strikes stands with youngsters? Have you ever noticed that most of the palette is is that of a vibrant hue? Iron man, Captain America, Thor, Ant-man and many other Marvel characters have major characteristics of red in their superhuman deck up. It has got to be blue, red or green or any other primary color, that is how the impact lasts!

Straight-ahead Camera Shooting

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“Driven by the notion that directorial idiosyncrasies might spoil the MCU’s harmony, just about every Marvel film features camerawork full of straightforward medium shots and shot-countershot structures for dialogue scenes.” Marvel frames if you look closely very rarely take a wide frame, they have a very close up straight shoot technique to draw emotions like anxiety, fear, humor from the superheroes. The wide angle is used, if used, in big battle scenes of Asgard or in Avengers.

Chaos and humor

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Everybody has talked about this characteristic at least once, Marvel movies have a very repetitive tendency of developing movies withdrawing room humor. Did you check out the humor and snark level of Thor in Thor Ragnarok movies? It is a standard humor touch given typically in all Marvel Movies. The humor is snarky and ego driven (which of course is accepted because these guys save US from aliens)!

Standard Imagery

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Marvel’s imagery repeats itself due to obvious reasons. The faces poke out of gigantic armor suits, figures flying at high velocity, the villains look creepy ugly and descend from the heavens above (well, mostly). There is a certain tune in that has to be followed to prepare a series of movies for their mega-buster. The repetition of individual hero oriented movies is mostly similar so that it all builds up to the Avengers Series.

Collage Posters

Notice all of the Marvel movie posters, they look very much exactly the same, dunn they? They all have a heavy contrasting background, a salvaging picture of the super hero in the questing and serious save-the-world face of the supporting cast. This is the technique that is applied in all Marvel movie posters, hard to miss eh?

Stan Lee pop up

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All of the Marvel Fandom is aware of this tendency, the creator of the comic Marvel pops in every one of the Marvel movies with his add of humor and presence. This is an added benefit for the movie because the fans who grew up idolizing him garner a personal attachment with the movies.

Stingers Stingers

The clips at the end of the each Marvel movie is basically a teaser of the next ‘New Issue’, this is the mystery of that bunch of people who sit back in the movie theaters post after-credits. This is a way of linking the MCU universe together. These stingers act like hooks of anticipation of further interest.

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