The sustainability approach is the new credit people! The office spaces have acquired green mantra of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle worldwide. Offices are public spots with a diversity of people; a simple mandatory effort in the office helps create a mindset that applies at home as well. Its high time people- act green from this moment!

Let us look into the basic to-do’s in office-a-to-be vital green space!


Stick to green- A psychology

A basic approach to change comes from visual representations. Put quirky and good to look at stickers all around the office; looking at it at all times would induce the application of the tips (works like continuous nagging!). Wall posters that instruct on saving power, reducing electricity usage, generating less waste and dumping them in correct bins (non-degradable in the blue bin and degradable in the green!).


Waste to Compost

The degradable waste could be used as compost for the office gardens to enhance the working conditions and beautify your office space. Encourage your employees to have a green insight of usage in the office. Usage of bio-degradable products and assorting waste in the proper bins. The office is a temporary home for the employees, make the feel so!


Waste-water to the green

The water filters and RO application drains down a lot of water as waste; turn it into a water supply for your plants in the garden. Plants like bamboo palm, spider plant, garden mum detoxify the air around and create a healthy atmosphere- your best pick! They look posh and inclusion of nature always makes the space more viable to work at.


Curb the usage of unnecessary power


Usage of power should be limited to necessary. Disable screen-savers from your computer, shut down an application when not using, use air conditioner when extremely required and make sure the windows and doors are closed (this is basic, really!). Think green to retain it my friends!


Be Local, Look Local

Know the basic green methods and provisions. Think of local procurement of basic supplies like stationery- the more a product travels, enhanced is its carbon footprint. You wouldn’t want that blasphemy around your brand name, so keep a check on what products you are using and how much impact it has on the environment. It is an important responsibility for everybody who procures.


A little more Effort


Indulge in the knowledge of the supplies to be used in the office- the product sticker might be green, the product used might not, look out for a green credential holder supplier and ISO certification. You must make it a habit for a side research on green themes. Use products that come from sustainable brands.


Make your own Green Team



Insert and enact greening teams and documentation in your office. It is like creating a mini team on a mission, it provides mission and engages the members into a teamwork approach that is not formal; take a bit of your office time and talk on green- Always helps!

And there you go, with the basics done right!