No, graphic novels are not big people comics, it is definitely not a ‘mature’ version of comics. The market for this genre is lifted by voices in the graphic that indulge in pressing social issues around us. Take a look at this list of amazing Graphic Novels that are works of brilliant artists from India, in India, about India!

Munnu by Malik Sajad

This is a beautiful tale about a beautiful 7-year-old Kashmiri boy who lives with his family. He loves to draw and he is in absolute love with sugar. Munnu has a sister and 3 brothers, they all live with their parents. He remembers a serene Kashmir from his birth, now the Kashmir that he sees is a conflict-ridden, terrorised, unsafe heaven that has been dotted by barbed wires and infringed by army-men and ‘freedom fighters’.

18 days by Grant Morrison and Mukesh Singh

This is a tale from Mahabharata- a retelling of the epic masterpiece! It talks about the three generations of bravery, power, politica and rupture. All of this mega intricate drama climaxing in an epic war that brings about the end of days for both god and man. The depiction is beautiful and enthralling!

Legends of Halahala by Appupen

This novel is an epitome of amazing graphics. It deals with social and moral issues that grapple us alongside the tumultuous love angle. The novel is charming, witty and humorous. “Legends of Halahala” is a priceless book, it makes us delve deeper into the issues of the strange society that we dwell in.

Delhi Calm by Vishwajyoti Ghosh

Delhi as their lens, this story is set in the year 1975. These were the times of Emergency under the rule of Indira Gandhi. The novel sets course for many facts and fictional ideas too. The protagonists are three left liberal friends who are also the believers of The Prophet,they seek to redefine the important constituents of our society.

Corridor by Sarnath Banerjee

They say that this is the first graphic novel from India. Corridor is a story of a tea vendor in Delhi, it is basically a chronicle of this man’s daily life. His customers are a very important part of this retelling of a life, the interactions, the regularity and visits. The narrations of his life are carried forward by his customers. The tragedy of modernity is very effective in this novel.

Kari by Amruta Patil

The story is about a lesbian protagonist who has been left by her lover. The novel is dark and gritty and intensifies the very dark side of emotions. The two main characters are products of broken backgrounds and how they fix themselves.

Kashmir Pending by Naseer Ahmed and Saurabh Singh

The truth of Kashmir from a local’s lens. The pain, sufferings and predicaments of Kashmiris on a daily basis is nerve strikingly depicted in this novel. This graphic novel puts forth multiple perspectives, the one major lens is of a reformed militant who is in jail.