We all have a busy life and we all have responsibilities to take care of. There are big affirmations, less time and more competition. But that does not at all mean that we can live a life devoid of any social causes. We are social beings and causes are our concern and responsibility, but the truth remains that we cannot indulge ourselves in all the cause concerns. Thus we bring a list of very crucial issues that imperatively need our concern. Look and act!


Women Empowerment 

It is very important that we understand the context of this entire idea, blatant participation is unnecessary. You must understand that Women Empowerment is leveling of women where a man stands today. The inequality in itself is wrong on all levels, to fight this odd structure, we shall all be on our toes.



There is nothing motivational that I can say regarding this, it is pretty understandable that Cleanliness is a must for a better society and hygienic self. It is important to follow the basic rules of sanitation when in public places.


Bad Government Schemes

Well, we are a democracy and we have all the basic rights to fight against a system that does not correspond with us. We should definitely come out and seek answers from those responsible for us.

Education System

Education and literacy are the pillars of a strong nation. If everybody in the country can read and write, the prospects of poverty and corruption drop down considerably. We must aspire for a literate nation, all together.


The tax-payer’s money is hard-earned money, tax is for development and thus any sort of ulterior usage of that money is just not acceptable and those who do it must be put on charge. And we being responsible citizens, we must stand against this in our full potential!


Gender Discrimination

Empowerment is not the only issue women face today, in the grassroots level and in high up echelons as well. Women are direct recipients of bias and partial treatment when compared to men. All of these issues are definitely interconnected, but the hurl of benefits are very different. We must align by all women issues by treating them as a collective and at individual levels too.

Mental Health Awareness

This is a very important spot for generating awareness. It is utmost unkindly to see how mental illness is given a strand of the sideline. Depression and Anxiety issues are at a peak amongst youngsters today. This is the peril of development and it is important that we save our young generation from scarring their existence due to the stress that being best concludes. We must all come together.


Women Safety (public and private)

With an increasing number of crimes against women, there is a strict need of rules for women safety. This is the need of the hour so that women can perform their daily chores with any fear in mind and thrive as much as possible without any discrimination.

Sustainability Awareness

Environment is our home, nature is our mother- it is time we revisit our stance on the environment and think sustainable. Sustainable thinking is when you think about our future generation and use natural resources accordingly.

Hunger and Child Safety

A child should not be left alone, should not be stranded to the darkness. It is our responsibility to take care of every child that is homeless, parent-less and loveless.  Hunger and poverty kill more people that go unnoticed. We need to put a stop to this idea. We must stand against it together!